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World Series Rays Lose Game 1|Score,Box,Recap,Video

The Tampa Bay Rays lost game to the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 2 to 3. Rays starting pitcher Scott Kazmir took the loss. Kazmir gave a first inning home run to Chase Utley that scored 2 staking Phillies starter Cole Hamels to a lead he would not give up. Kazmir settled down giving up only one more run in the game. The Rays were not able to get much going in game 1 getting only five hits off of Phillies pitchers.

Rays Box Hitting:
BATTING2B: A Iwamura (1, C Hamels)HR: C Crawford (1, 4th inning off C Hamels 0 on, 2 Out)RBI: C Crawford (1), A Iwamura (1)2-out RBI: C Crawford, A IwamuraGIDP: B Upton 2Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: B Upton 1Team LOB: 3
BASERUNNINGSB: J Bartlett (1, 2nd base off C Hamels/C Ruiz)CS: C Pena (1, 2nd base by C Hamels/C Ruiz)Picked Off: C Pena (1st base by C Hamels)
FIELDINGE: C Pena (1, catch)DP: 1 (B Upton-D Navarro).Outfield Assist: B Upton (S Victorino at Home).
Rays Box Score Pitching:
PITCHINGBatters faced: C Hamels 26; R Madson 3; B Lidge 3Ground Balls-Fly Balls: C Hamels 10-5; R Madson 0-2; B Lidge 0-1Game Scores: C Hamels 62
Phillies Box Hitting:
BATTING2B: J Werth 2 (2, S Kazmir, G Balfour)HR: C Utley (1, 1st inning off S Kazmir 1 on, 1 Out)RBI: C Utley 2 (2), C Ruiz (1)Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: J Rollins 1, S Victorino 2, P Burrell 1, E Bruntlett 2Team LOB: 11
BASERUNNINGSB: C Utley 2 (2, 2nd base off J Howell/D Navarro, 2nd base off D Wheeler/D Navarro); J Werth (1, 3rd base off D Wheeler/D Navarro)
FIELDINGE: R Howard (1, ground ball)DP: 2 (C Utley-J Rollins-R Howard, P Feliz-C Utley-R Howard).
Phillies Box Score Pitching:
PITCHINGWP: J HowellIBB: C Utley (By G Balfour)Batters faced: S Kazmir 28; J Howell 4; G Balfour 7; T Miller 1; D Wheeler 1Ground Balls-Fly Balls: S Kazmir 5-8; J Howell 0-0; G Balfour 1-2; T Miller 0-0; D Wheeler 0-1Game Scores: S Kazmir 48