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Percy Percy Percy..

In baseball you live and die with your closer. Your stud pitcher can go 8 innings, striking out 12 batters and pitch a shutout. However, if your closer comes in and blows it up well then that great start was for naught. Such is life with our boy Troy. Last year Troy was bad ass the first half of the season. Some people around the Rays thought Troy might be heading to the Bronx for last years All star game. Percy was that good! Then after the all star break the wheels fell of. Or should I say his body fell apart. He was downright pitiful down the stretch and was a sad sight when he tried to beg Joe Maddon to keep him in games when it was clear he was just about to blow a save.
So needless to say it’s a good sign to see Percy get through the Red Sox 9th but once again had some major troubles. First Jason Varitek's solo bomb off of Percy to leadoff the 9th. Varitek??? The man couldn’t hit his weight last year. Then another hit and we’re looking at another blown save. Thank goodness that our favorite Sox player Youkilis decided to end the game with a pop fly.
Let’s get one thing straight. I am a big Percival fan. I love those warrior type players that leave everything they have on the field. That’s also sometimes a problem because sometimes that player just might not have it and can put his team in serious jeopardy. I hope.. let me repeat… I HOPE that Joe Maddon isn’t shy about pulling his boy Percy off the field if Percy shows that he just doesn’t have it. The Rays signed Jason Isringhausen during the offseason but he is still recovering from injuries from last year. Isringhausen should be ready in a few weeks; he just needs time to get his strength and conditioning back to where it should be. I think Izzy has some interesting qualities that he can bring to the table. Isringhausen is a power pitcher with a great curve. Izzy had a lot of experience closing with the Cardinals and has had lots of success in the past. I think Izzy will be an important part of the bullpen regardless of his role down the stretch. As for people thinking about Grant Balfour? I’m not sure he is ready for that full time closers role. We’ll discuss that another time.